Legal Mecca

Legal Mecca that SEJONG Telecom's Intelligent Legal Tech Service is a legal artificial intelligence (AI) consulting system combined with an intelligent legal QA machine and online/off-line consulting services of real lawyers. AI technology has been applied to evolve itself to learn all the data entered into the site and respond to all inquiries In addition to providing quick and accurate legal information, a natural language-based search function can recommend, the best attorneys and relevant information optimized for each case.

Target Case

  • If you do not have enough money to give up your case
  • If there is an urgent situation but it is difficult to consult with a lawyer immediately because of the time, place, etc
  • If you have problems that you cannot discuss with others, such as sex crimes, inheritance, divorce lawsuits, bankruptcy, etc
  • If you need legal knowledge right now or you have been overwhelmed by inaccurate information through nonprofessionals
  • If you have suffered mental damage due to defamation, insult, or leakage of personal information online, etc
  • If you gave up your right to relief since you are not eligible to pay the lawyer's appointment fee in the case of a small fraud or minor damage
  • If the method of using digital legal services is difficult or costly

Service Features

    • If you have any questions,the attorney and the AI will quickly provide you with the answers you need.
    • If you cannot find the right answer to your question,you can instantly consult with our attorneys who are always on standby and optimized for you.
    • You can use the servicefor easy legal counseling from your PCor cell phone anytime.
  • Natural Language (sentence) Processing
    Unlike other sites that only provide simple keyword searches, sentence searches can help you find the right answer or a similar case.
  • Intelligent Law QA
    You can search for related laws and cases in real time. If you are not satisfied with the results, the AI will learn more and provide you with an improved answer later.
  • Intelligent Lawyer Recommendation
    When a client asks the QA system about his or her case, the system can recommend the most suitable lawyer (“best” or “fast”) for the case in real time, and you can view detailed information through the attorney profile cube.
  • Live Counseling by a Lawyer
    To solve the client's emergency in real time, you can request the case instantly through the secured number service, which does not reveal the chat with the recommended lawyer or the personal number.
  • Attorney Profile Cube
    The “Profile Cube,” which provides basic information and expertise information about lawyers, works in conjunction with the QA system and the lawyer recommendation system and has the ability to analyze and visualize professional information of the lawyer.

How to Use and Inquiry