Biz Communication

Smart Biz

It is an integrated communication service for corporates that includes all communication practices necessary for business operation such as voice/video call, chatting or file transmission.

Business requiring Service

  • 01
    Corporation with a high demand of international call
  • 02
    Corporation that requires video calls between departments or branches
  • 03
    Corporation that wants to effectively control communication expense
  • 04
    Corporation that is reluctant to open personal phone number at work
  • 05
    Corporation that has hesitated to introduce UC service due to quality issues



  • Stability
    • It guarantees a stable connection in all network environments such as 3G, LTE and WiFi.
  • Usability
    • Customer can experience convenient services of landline such as call cancellation, call handling, callgit (ios) application and message blocking
  • Security
    • It protects all information safely by applying the latest technology, end-to-end encryption (DTLS-SRTP). It also prevents the use of service in deleted device by remotely delete the device when it is lost or the number is changed
  • Free calls between PC(Web), Mobile, and wire phone (VoIP)

    Sejong Telecom does not only provide free calls between IP phone and mobile application, but also provides Web service. Thus, customers can enjoy calls from PC and laptop regardless of the operating system

  • Supports Multi Device

    It is possible to communicate more conveniently by registering multiple devices such as smartphone, PC and tablet under one person’s account. (Real-time synchronization of both call history and chatting contents)

  • Best Level of Call Quality

    Its call quality is as vivid as if talking in face-to-face by supporting Full-Band(20-20,0000Hz).

  • Various Additional Functions

    It can maximize in-company communication efficiency by linking organization chart, and enables various convenient communication through voice call, chatting, video call and screen share.

Main Functions of Service

  • Linkage of in-company address
    (organization chart, meeting, member search)
  • Free call between members
    (message call, blocking message)
  • Keypad external call
  • Video conference between members
    (video call, screen sharing)
  • Real-time chatting
    (1:1, group)
  • File transmission
    (picture, document, etc.)
  • Administrator page
    (management of member, organization chart and line)
  • Others
    (call history, link device management, etc.)


Rates Information
Basic rate Installation fee Term
KRW 2,750/month/account (VAT included) Free No term

Possibility of data exhaustion and extra charge when Smart Biz application is used via mobile company network (LTE/3G)

Smart Biz is a supplementary service of Sejong Internet phone (VoIP), so joining it as a single-product is not available