‘BlueBrick’ is SEJONG Telecom’s boundless service-type private blockchain main net (Blockchain as a Service [BaaS]).


BlueBrick is an Ethereum-based service-type private blockchain main net developed independently by SEJONG Telecom, a wire and wireless communication service company, with its own technology. BlueBrick is designed with a multi-side-chain structure to expand the side chain boundlessly and customize the support for each service. It also supports a DEX-type internal/external data and coin (token) exchange function through the interexchange chain, financial-level security environment, and free transaction fee policy, etc.

Service Features

  • Scalability

    Multi-side-chain structure
    Allowed to add side chain(s) infinitely by service group
    Improved process speed due to decentralized architectural features
    Minimized interference from other services
  • Speed

    • Block generation cycle: 1 second
    • Allowed to support at least 100 TPS, 10,000 TPS (if required)
    • Adopted the latest agreement method (Proof of Authority [PoA]) and improved process speed
  • Compatibility

    Self-operated interexchange chain
    Supporting internal/external data and coin (token) exchange function
    Providing open technology platform ecosystem
    Interlocked with the service main net of the partner
    Standardization-oriented such as connecting with existing service middleware
  • Security·Stability

    • Ethereum-based, forbidden for data forgery
    • Running the Internet Data Center (IDC) on its own
      • Yeoksam, Bundang (Dongcheon), Busan
      • Having operational know-how and professional staff
    • Supporting the financial-level security environment
      • Network redundancy
      • Network APT security
      • Layer 7 switch
  • Economical

    • Transaction fee-free policy
    • Encouraging developing various new services of high added value
      • Providing Hybrid Computing Environment
      • Providing Partner Technical Support (Dapp development and API provided)
    • Building a self-sustaining token economy ecosystem

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