Electrical Constructions

Project Overview

SEJONG Telecom Inc. is contributing to the expansion of national utility projects and public infrastructure based on various construction technologies, experience and abundant technical personnel specialized in the electrical, communication and fire alarm constructions. In addition, SEJONG Telecom Inc. is actively engaged in various fields such as power plants, public infrastructure, manufacturing plant, housing and building constructions in domestic and overseas construction.

  • Power Plant
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Building
  • Housing
  • Overseas
  • Power Plant
    • Supplies stable power facilities based on construction experiences in the combined cycle power, wind power generation, solar energy generation, power
      plants / substations and power transmission / distribution system.
  • Infrastructure constructions
    • Performs electrical works in various railway fields such as high-speed railway, subway, and light railway.
  • Manufacturing plant
    • We have electrical construction experiences related to various fields of manufacturing plants such as Semiconductor, display, steel, automobile, etc.
  • Building constructions
    • Construction of business facilities including skyscrapers, hotels, resorts, hospitals, residential commercial complexes, Educational Institutions and research facilities.
  • Housing constructions
    • Construction of apartments, complex buildings, efficiency apartments, parking control system, CCTV/CATV system, lighting fixture
  • Overseas constructions
    • Iraq Bismayah new city project, Mongolia new Ulaanbaatar international airport project, Equatorial Guinea government project


    • Electric Construction License (No.Seoul-00070)
    • Fire Facility Construction License (No. 2019-02-00008)
    • New Renewable Energy (NO. 2009-4990)
    • Information & Communication Construction License (No.310303)
    • Overseas Construction Registration (No.526)

ISO Certificate

  • ISO9001
    Quality Management System
  • ISO14001
    Occupational Health Safety Management System
  • K-OHSAS18001
    Environment Management System

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