Press Release

Press Release
47 WallaVU promoted special gift box, in consists of popular beauty items for the Lunar’s New Year 2020-01-13
46 SEJONG Telecom x Idino signed the MoU for the commercialization of ‘Smart Education Management’ based on Blockchain tech. 2020-01-08
45 WallaVU, promoted ‘Solo-escaped planning exhibition where one becomes two’ promotion. 2019-12-26
44 ‘Smart Education Management’ platform was selected as an excellent case of blockchain tech. by NIPA. 2019-12-19
43 SEJONG Telecom x Selvas AI, signed the MoU for activation of A.I. & ICT Solution Business 2019-12-09
42 Snowman, offered 'Galaxy Note 9, zero-won event' & discount promotion to commemorate the launching of Purple / Black / Blue rate. 2019-12-05
41 SEJONG Telecom and Aryaka partnership, Managed SD-WAN service enables APAC business move to cloud. 2019-12-02
40 WallaVU, increased in turnover by sevenfold from ‘Three black benefit, BLACK FEIDAY '. 2019-11-20
39 WallaVU, promoted ‘Triple Black Benefits, BLACK FRIDAY’ promotion. 2019-11-18