Press Release

Press Release
28 SEJONG Telecom won the public task of NIPA on the subject of ‘Smart Education Management’ based on Blockchain tech. 2019-06-24
27 SEJONG Telecom signed the contract of an investment with CUEBIZ for entering the distribution business of refreshed cellphones. 2019-06-19
26 SEJONG Telecom is ready for being as new ICT company after merged JOIL ECS 2019-06-10
25 BrenchWall, SEJONG Telecom's endpoint security solution released a new monthly rental deal 2019-05-23
24 Snowman offered its exclusive rate plan to KT Skylife 2019-05-17
23 SEJONG Telecom released 'Thank You Mobile Fax ver. 2.0’ 2019-05-03
22 Snowman promoted ‘7·7·7 Discount Event for the celebrating of 7th Anniversary 2019-05-02
21 Snowman released new promotions for 2Q’19 to enhance its competitiveness for the Post office. 2019-04-01
20 SEJONG Telecom & B-SEED Partners founded 'B-Brick', a Blockchain company-builder. 2019-03-04