Press Release

Press Release
125 SEJONG Telecom, Based on ISMS certification, It will speed up Blockchain business and ESG management. 2021-10-19
124 SEJONG Telecom held an agreement ceremony for “Local 5G Mobile Caravan’ project. 2021-10-05
123 "B-Healthy" medical MyData businesses. - Recruitment of participants who provide "genetic analysis" information to prospective customers. 2021-09-16
122 Snowman, 55% of monthly sales growth for USIM subscription in the first half of the year. 2021-09-15
121 SEJONG Telecom signed to provide Wasabi Cloud Storage service. 2021-09-10
120 AirCode, a subsidiary of SEJONG Telecom, supplies solutions to IPTV operators in the United Arab Emirates. 2021-08-31
119 SEJONG Telecom introduce “BBRIC” service, one click investment platform for real estate. 2021-08-24
118 SEJONG Telecom, signed with BUSAN Bank an MOU for collective real estate investment and profit distribution services based on Blockchain 2021-08-11
117 Chairman of SEJONG Telecom, participated in the “Children’s Traffic Safety Relay Challenge.” 2021-07-30