Press Release

Press Release
16 SEJONG Telecom’s MVNO brand, ‘Snowman,’ released the combined products at the 1,500 post offices nationwide in Korea, including Snowman mobile, KT skylife TV and high-speed internet. 2019-01-02
15 SEJONG Telecom promoted to sell the 55 inches UHD TV in WEMAKEPRICE the for the celebrating of 1st anniversary. 2018-12-31
14 SEJONG Telecom launched AI hybrid platform for law, 'Law Meca'. 2018-12-05
13 SEJONG Telecom started to sell easy authentication service ‘Login Talk’ originally provided by Roum IT. 2018-10-02
12 SEJONG Telecom x DAL signed the MoU on the digital auto-delete solution business. 2018-09-21
11 SEJONG Telecom provided ‘SEJONG Pay’ to the digital security company, WatchCop. 2018-08-22
10 SEJONG Telecom’s MVNO, Snowman is succeeded to enter the post office in the next year. 2018-08-16
9 SEJONG Telecom released ‘SEJONG Pay PRO’ with enhanced sales management and convenient functions. 2018-08-07
8 SEJONG Telecom started to provide the easy payment solution, ‘SEJONG Pay’ for car maintenance service. 2018-07-25