HR System

We are Looking For

  • 01. Creator
    Who is with wide and flexible thinking and briliant ideas
  • 02. Performer
    Who recognizes customer value and who actively, enthusiastically perform
  • 03. Challenger
    Who strives for the best with an enterprising attitude
  • 04. Associator
    Who is harmonious and open-mninded, and who encourages and leads colleagues with a true friendship.


Annual salary system based on individual performance and competency
Incentive system according to the management performance
Compensation system based on individual competency
Flexible and horizontal organization culture based on mutual respect
Promotes mutual communication with horizontal appellation system – All employees use the title of Manager
Respects individual creativity based on free communication and mutual cooperation

SEJONG HR (Education System)

HR System
We provide various education opportunities by building a Human Resource Map to develop individual and organization’s capability. By supporting member’s education and self-development, we actively encourage and promote all members of our community to be professionals and leaders in each field.
Switching Day
Switching Day, a creative management system of SEJONG, happens two times a month on Saturday. Switching Day reinforces the productivity and discovery of new products and businesses by creating a smooth communication environment, enhancing flexibility of the work environment, and inputting a creative energy in the organization.

How We Work

  • 1.‘SWEET SPOT’ We match the purpose of individual, organization and industry.
  • 2.Purpose is a motivating factor.
  • 3.We overcome the business limit by devotion.
  • 4.We put mutual respect as a priority by using ‘manager’ title.
  • 5.We operate business fairly and transparently.
  • 6.We cooperate based on autonomy and collective intelligence and improve intellectual ability through competition.
  • 7.We execute our work promptly and exactly.
  • 8.We share and review experiences together with colleagues.
  • 9.We challenge with well-prepared plans
  • 10.We contribute to the creation of value of corporation through change, cooperation and innovation.

Welfare System

  • Children’s Educational Expenses Support


    High school

    University tuition

  • Family Event Vacation / Expenses Support

    Provide vacation, expenses, mutual aid service wreath for family event

  • Health Care Support

    Support health check up for all employees annually (Supports health check up for spouse as well when the spouse is over 40 )

    Provide the accident insurance for all employees.

    Guaranteed coverage of injuries caused by work and severe illness

    Support surgery and treatment expenses of cancer for employees and their family members

  • Leisure Support

    Provide condominiums (resort)

    Support activity cost for employees’ club

  • Salary-type welfare benefit

    Transportation expense for New Year’s Day / Thanks Giving / Summer vacation

    Provide family allowance and gift expense for Labor Day and Foundation day

  • Vacation

    Annual leave, regular vacation, maternity leave, long-serving vacation, reward vacation