SEJONG Telecom Incorporated,established in June 1992 in Seoul, Korea, is a leading provider of technology, communications,information products and services.

SEJONG Telecom offers voice, data and video services and solutions on its advanced networks and platforms, meeting customer demand for reliable network connectivity, security, and control. As a neutral carrier, SEJONG Telecom provides connectivity services, including dedicated lines, IX and data services, while providing wired, wireless, and MVNO mobile services. SEJONG Telecom has been expanding into new emerging markets, such as platform, contents, home, security, solutions, and blockchain, for sustainable growth. SEJONG Telecom's mission is to connect, co-create, and share the added values to every participant, by inducing convergence synergies with the existing telecom and platform business across various industrial sectors.


Contributes to the world by creating the best value that benefits nature and community


Benefits nature and community
[Foundation Spirit]Humanitarianism (弘益人間)
Creates the best value
Creates the future-oriented value by completing a sharing economy platform in which all customers, shareholders, employees and members of society participate

Management Policy

  • Man Management(Autonomy)


    Autonomic Competition

    Performance Compensation

  • Righteousness Management(Ethic)

    Object Management

    Responsibility Management

    Transparent Management

  • Creative Management(Convergence)

    Value Creation

    Sharing Economy

    Innovative Management

Core Value

  • Autonomy自彊不息

    Continuous Self-Improvement

    Ownership Spirit


  • Communication修己治人

    Open Mind and Attitude

    Mutual Respect and Care

    Strong Organization

  • Cooperation扶正祛邪

    Fair Reward and Punishment

    Trust and Cooperation

    Synergy Creation

  • Collective Intelligence陰陽消息

    All-time Learning

    Knowledge Share

    Performance Creation, Growth-Orientation


  • Outline (總論)
    Eumyangsosik symbolizes the entrepreneurial spirit of SEJONG. It represents its effort to turn changes that are caused by invisible activities of Mugeukjung (or Taegeuk) into developments, so it can fulfill employees’ and shareholders’ interests, and promote social benefits by continuously growing the company’s force.
  • Taegeuk (太極)
    The white circle in the middle of the symbol is called Mugeuk or Taegeuk. It is where Yang of Yin and Yang is generated, which also means something is generated out of nothing. Thus, it contains our desire to extend high, wide and far to the universe.
  • Yin and Yang(陰陽)
    The blue and red color surrounding Taegeuk are Yin and Yang. As shown in the picture, they act constantly and cooperatively. If Yang is weakened, Yin acts more strongly, and if Yin is weakened, Yang acts more strongly. In this sense, Yin and Yang represents SEJONG’s corporate spirit, a constant advancement and development.
  • Number of Fifty
    The Number of Fifty is the combination of five positive numbers and ten negative numbers acting at the center of Taegeuk. As five is the perfect number of living water and ten is the perfect number of holy water, the Number of Fifty has two missions, which are selfish one and mathematical one. Since selfish means all creations of heaven and earth appear and disappear as two numbers mutually cooperate, the selfish mission is to destroy old things and adopt new things to open up the future. Mathematically, there are only ten numbers, which number five and number ten activate, in the heaven and earth. The Number of Fifty contains a will of not giving up the best and the greatest positions in the logic of heaven and earth where victories and winners are determined by numbers.
  • Universe Line
    A thick black line symbolizes the universe. Since the universe is so perfectly ordered in a way that there can be no dispersion nor disturbance, the universe means, with the trust it effectively leads and controls every creations and every events regardless of time and space. In other words, it means to create Sejoing’s organization culture as a good and united one by sharing the life and death