Snowman, a MVNO service of SEJONG Telecom, is a pure mobile friend who has removed the bubble of telecommunication fee. It is a mobile communication service that provides the identical quality and supplementary services (including international roaming) with other mobile services by leasing KT network. Both new subscription and number portability are available.

Rate plans of SEJONG Telecom aim at transparent telecommunication service that separates the telecommunication fee and the device price without a separate contract.

Recommended Customer

  • 01
    Customers who are burdened with high basic rate due to low usage
  • 02
    Customers who are looking for plan that fits for usage pattern
  • 03
    Customers who use voice call and data a lot
  • 04
    No agreement! Customers who want to use cheap plan

Main Functions and Characteristics

  • Pure and clean mobile service without any unnecessary service
  • Mobile service that is purely customer-oriented
  • Mobile service which reasonable and smart customers choose

Service Subscription

  • USIM rate plan
    • Low basic charge with an abundant basic serving size
  • Latest mobile phone and USIM at the same time
    • Choice for smart and rational people
  • Replace your phone with the latest mobile phone
    • A special benefit for only existing snowman customers

Inquiry for Use