MS Azure ExpressRoute

It is a service that ensures security and stability and reduces traffic cost by connecting AWS cloud and customer (On-premise) with private circuit


  • 01
    Customers who are considering using or introducing MS Azur Cloud
  • 02
    Customers who require stability and security of connection compared to VPN or mass data transmission

Service Characteristics

  • Private Network
    • Provides service using private network infra for Cloud service
  • Fast Deployment
    • A quick provisioning is possible by using a large capacity network established between Cloud PoP and SEJONG Telecom
  • Corverage
    • Able to connect anywhere in the country due to 17,200km optical core, 50 PoPs and 685 rings
  • Service Flexibility
    • Provides suitable type of service through a professional network consulting, away from the existing fixed-private-circuit service

How to use and Inquiry for use

  • Customer Center
  • Rates for Use
    • Suggests estimates for each order through network consulting according to bandwidth / area / distance and contract terms