Leased Line in Cloud Computing


It is a service that enhances stability of circuit and provides various services while reduces costs by introducing Software-Defined Network on various WAN segments

Connecting AWS Direct Connect or MS Azure Express Route by using SD-WAN solution in the existing internet circuit secures stability by using tunnel provided by SD-WAN. No additional circuit cost is necessary as it uses the existing circuit.


  • 01
    Customers who want to connect AWS Cloud with low cost outside the metropolitan area
  • 02
    Customers who want to connect MS Azure Cloud with low cost outside the metropolitan area

Service Characteristics

  • Hybrid Cloud Link Service
    • Provides AWS Direct Connect and MS Azure ExpressRoute through Overlay Network configuration by applying SD-WAN technology to internet backbone of SEJONG Telecom
    • Reduces customers’ burden with service configuration by providing BGP which is used in AWS DX and MS ER
    • Provides multi-cloud environment that interconnects AWS DX and MS ER (option)
  • Domestic SD-WAN Service
    • Provides optimal connectivity and stability through integrated management of connectivity such as private circuit, internet and mobile in the controller
    • Provides optimal WAN network environment with minimal cost by combining various connection media
    • Provides various statistics on traffic tendency and usage through DPI function and monitoring page
    • Able to mount third-party products such as firewalls
  • Demonstration & Provision of Solution
    • SEJONG Telecom’s SD-WAN service works together with 128Technology, a global SD-WAN solution company
    • SEJONG Telecom provides a demonstration environment for customers and partners who want to verify SD-WAN performance using its private circuit and internet network of SEJONG Telecom

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