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Wasabi 클라우드 스토리지

Wasabi hot Cloud Storage Service

Compared to other cloud service providers' object storage services, it provides excellent price competitiveness, stable and high performance.

Recommended Customer

  • 01
    Customers who want to build new orplan to migrate existing storage (services)
  • 02
    Customers who need inexpensive and reliable backup (DR) of their existing stored data.
  • 03
    Customer in need of strong security from customer data transmission to storage

Service Features

  • Cost
  • High Performance
  • Durability and Availability
  • Security


  • Price
    • 80% less than AWS S3
    • No egress charges
    • No API request charges
  • Performance
    • Faster than the competition
    • Quick uploads & downloads
    • Provision of highly distributed architecture
    ※ Source : Wasabi benchmark Test
  • Durability & availability
    • Data Center Redundancy
    • 11x9s data durability
    • Immutable Storage
  • Security
    • All data encrypted in transit and at rest
    • Immutable buckets prevent accidental deletion/modification
    • Strong identity & access management & multi-factor authentication
    • The provision of Private Network via Wasabi Direct Connect (Optional)

Inquiry for Use

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