Internet Data Center

By using IDC, customers gain economic benefits such as reduction of facility costs and personnel costs for operating service-related devices. Also, IDC’s management service by specialized operation personnel can improve the stability and efficiency of the customer’s service. IDC provides the best customer service, a cutting-edge equipment and stable facilities and an internal/external broadband network that ensures smooth traffic communication.

  • IDC Yeoksam Center
    • 137, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Yeoksam-dong)
    • Total floor area : 7,000 pyeong
    • Building : 19 above ground (IDC 4 ~7F)
  • IDC Bundang Center
    • 85, Yonggu-daero 2771beon-gil, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do (Dongcheon-dong)
    • Total floor area : 2,700 pyeong
    • Building : 1 basement level, 7 above ground


  • 01
    Corporate customers who plan to provide faster and more stable E-business based service by connecting directly to the broadband internet backbone network
  • 02
    Customers who want to operate stable corporate computer room in an optical computing facility environment instead of operating separate computer room

Service Characteristics

  • Private IDC for cutting edge facilities
    • An earthquake-resistant design that can withstand high-intensity earthquake through dynamic load of 1 ton per ㎡ by designing IDC private building (Design IDC floors at 5 and 1M for cabling and smooth air circulation)
    • Cutting edge facility for stable computing environment such as dual power distribution system and DYNAMIC-UPS for power outage.
  • Optimum customer convenience facilities
    • Various customer convenience facilities in the center (Lounge, meeting room, customer workroom, etc.)
  • High quality optical network
    • Connect directly with GIGA/10GIGA level optical network between domestic/overseas major IX (INTERNET EXCHANGE), ISP
    • Dualization design of backbone network for stabilizing domestic/overseas traffic

About Facilities

Internal Facilities

  • RACK
    • Able to use Half and Full Cabinet
    • Provides locks for the front, back and the side of Rack
    • Provides an independent power strip for individual system or individual customers
    • highly intense frame for an earthquake resistance
  • CAGE
    • Facility that enables customers to place and operate systems within an independent space with carbon steel wire mesh and power as well as network connection ports
    • Provides lock devices for each cage with an access control system that allows only authorized personnel to access
    • The only domestic IDC that adopted a space-upper-wiring method
    • Ceiling wiring method for all cables in the center

External Facilities

  • Water distribution facility
    • water dualization configuration
  • Emergency genertator
    • Able to operate for more than 72 hours
  • UPS and Battery
    • Able to supply power with storage battery having more than 50 minutes

Inquiry for Use