Leased Line

Aryaka service

It is a global platform solution that improves the performance of the global network between a headquarter in Korea and overseas branches, and ensures network stability through POP (acceleration and optimization system) established in major countries as well as international private leased circuit. Customers with global business can experience an optimized network at a lower cost compared to an existing leased circuit.


  • 01
    Customers with global business who need to resolve quality problems of their existing IP-VPN
  • 02
    Customers who want to replace the high cost of international private leased circuit (IPLC/MPLS)

Service Characteristics

  • Security and Stability
    • Security of IPsec network segment
    • Stable service of mesh private network between overseas POP
  • Reduction of Cost / Investment
    • Cost savings of acceleration device investment and maintenance
    • Cost savings compared to IPLC/MPLS
  • Quality Improvement
    • Improvement in service quality by combining cutting edge technologies such as compression / acceleration / TCP optimization
  • Convenience of Installation and Operation Management
    • Able to provide service without an additional customer circuit
    • Operation of 365x24x7 response center
    • Provides a customer-specific management portal

Inquiry for Use