Leased Line

Domestic Leased Lines

Service that can quickly transmit and receive data, call, video and various applications. It is done by independently connecting two branches that customers want to the digital private circuit network using domestic optical transmission line and cutting edge telecommunication devices


  • 01
    Organizations and corporations that require special circuit for high stability and security between specific branches
  • 02
    Organizations and corporations that require their own separate network

Service Characteristics

Single Circuit with Complete Security

  • Security and Stability
    • an independent use of connected circuit between two branches provides a high security and stability
  • 24 Hours Fault Handling
    • 24 hours fault handling by monitoring domestic networks at the network control center for 24 hours and 365 days
  • Diversified Network
    • A various network configuration prevents service disconnection even at the network failure
  • High Quality Service
    • The provision of 100% optical cable circuit guarantees a high quality service

Nationwide Infrastructure

DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing)
Technology to send 40-80 channels through a single optical fiber. Represents a high capacity transmission device as it is capable of 10Gbps ~ 100Gbps transmission per channel

MSPP (Multi Service Provisioning Platform)
Based on the optical transmission technology, it simultaneously provides an existing private circuit as well as an Ethernet service

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