Video Surveillance System


We design safety and happiness.
It is an intelligent video surveillance service with high definition of Full HD that can be customized according to various situations


Enjoy the optimized security solution with customized design for various situations.

  • For House
    • Double-income parents who worry about the safety of their child/children, elders, and companion animals
    • Customers who worry about intrusion and theft in their home
    • Business that needs to ensure the safety of children such as daycare center, kindergarten and postnatal care center
  • For Store
    • Customers who need to secure safety of business from illegal intrusion or theft
    • Business that has many complaints and disputes
    • Business that needs an integrated management of multiple stores
    • Business that needs a management of attendance or inventory
    • Business that needs a customer management for each industry
  • For Corporation
    • Business that needs to manage large facilities such as buildings, apartments and factories
    • Customers who find the expenses of existing security services burdensome
    • Customers who are burdened with a lump sum payment due to the system integration


  • Nationwide Visiting Service
    • Provide visiting service for quantity products
  • Smart Care Service
    • Up to KRW 10 million for house KRW 3 million for business Fire recovery and special plan
  • Various Products Service
    • Various product groups other than Security products such as POS/KIOSK, Parking breaker, DID system, Laser touch screen, and Unmanned courier box
  • Free installments
    • Lump sum payment /12 months /24 months / 36 months

Main Products


  • SJ-PDI242T-K
    2.1MP(1080p) DOME IR, IR LED 24EA,3.6MM Fixed Lens, DAY&NIGHT

  • SJ-BI362T-K
    2.1MP(1080p) BULLET , 4MM Fixed Lens, IR LED 36EA/IP66, DAY&NIGHT/DNR/AGC

  • SJ-BI542T-K
    2.1MP(1080p) BULLET , 4MM Fixed Lens, IR LED 54EA/IP66, DAY&NIGHT/DNR/AGC

  • SJ-LHI902T-K
    2.1MP(1080p) HOUSING , 4MM Fixed Lens IR LED 90EA/IP66, BLC/HLC/AGC

  • SJ-LHI902T-2812K
    2.1MP(1080p) HOUSING , IR LED 90EA/IP66,2.8~12MM V/F Lens, BLC/HLC/AGC

  • SJ-LHI902T-0550K
    2.1MP(1080p) HOUSING , IR LED 90EA/IP66,5~50MM V/F Lens, BLC/HLC/AGC


SJ-I5000 Series

SJ-I5000 Series Details
SJ-I5004M-D SJ-I5008M-D SJ-I5016M-D

4CH 8CH 16CH
5MP@5/4 fps, 4MP@15 fps, 3MP@18 fps, 1080P@30/25 fps, 720P@30/25 fps, 960H/D1@30/25fps
1 HDMI with Audio and 1 VGA
(Max. 1920 x 1080)
1 HDMI(Max. 3840 x 2160) with
Audio and 1 VGA 1 Main BNC
Max. 1 x SATA Device(HDD x 1) Max. 2 x SATA Device(HDD x 2)
RS485 Interface(Pelco P, Pelco D, Samsung, LG), USB2.0 X2

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