Biz Messaging


Premium Corporation Type Messaging Service

  • Service that transmits message to mobile phone user through PC text transmission program or DB agent interworking
  • Provides stable service through optimization of mass transmission or thorough security management
  • Provides real-time traffic statistics data
  • Fault prevention and prompt response
  • SMS(Short Messaging Service)
    Short Text (90byte Transmission)
    • Korean : 45 letters
    • English : 90 letters

  • LMS(Long Messaging Service)
    Long Text 2,000byte Transmission
    • Korean : 1000 letters
    • English : 2000 letters

  • MMS(Multimedia Messaging Service)
    Multimedia Combination
    • Transmission of Multimedia such as LMS Text + Image and Audio

Recommended Customers

Can be used in marketing / PR / public institutions / finance / education / living information of corporate customer or individual customer who sends bulk products

Service Characteristics

  • Real-time transmission processing and high rate of success
  • Provides stable service and continuous monitoring with 24 hour / 365 days dedicated operation
  • Provides various transmission tools such as DB interworking Agent program and Client program for PC
  • Provides optimized service to customer’s system environment without any initial installation expense
  • Operates safe facility through server management in its own operation IDC and high-speed network connected directly to backbone network
  • Conducts regular inspection for prevention of personal information spill (ISMS certification)
  • Provides management of block list and filtering function by interworking with 080 free block service

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