Biz Messaging

Kakaotalk Biz Message

  • Notice Talk, Informative message
    • Optimized service “WIDESHOT” that reflects customers’ need and want
    • Can be used reliable customer communication channel based on approved template without any spam stress
    • Phone number based push message through Kakao Talk App

  • Friend talk, advertising message service
    • Sends advertising message to users who makes Kakao friend (Text type/ Image type)
    • Efficient marketing and cost saving with targeted message
    • Night transmission is restricted (20:00~next day 08:00)

Recommended Customers

Can be used in marketing / PR / public institutions / finance / education / living information of corporate customer or individual customer who sends bulk products.

Service Characteristics

  • Real-time transmission processing and high rate of success
  • Provides stable service and continuous monitoring with 24 hour / 365 days dedicated operation
  • Increases reception rate by forwarding transmission to general message for failed notice Talk
  • Easy to manage customers by switching friend talk when receipt customer for notice talk adds friends
  • Prevents smashing and responds fishing by attaching Kakao verification mark and banner
  • Chat Bubble function (Shipping tracking, web links, app links, bot keywords, messaging)

Inquiry for Use