Security Solution


A new concept of security solution that fundamentally blocks malicious act by analyzing the operation principle of computer

- It is a solution that anticipatively blocks malicious code by detecting and analyzing all input acts of user executed within a system

- It is an act-blocking solution based on the user’s input


  • 01
    Corporation that is interested in preventing customer information leakage
  • 02
    Corporation that felt limitation of existing security systems such as building security device and disconnecting networks
  • 03
    Customers who worry about data leakage due to ransom ware infection, and about data loss due to encryption


  • As an ultra light file, it doesn’t burden user’s PC
    • Under maximum 3% of CPU usage rate
    • 4MB of memory usage
    • 5MB of distributed file / 1MB of executed file
  • As it minimizes update, there is no need to reboot
    • No signature DB
    • No Rule Table
  • It can be used in various environments
    • Web server, POS, ATM, blocking IoT device leakage
    • Web server, POS, ATM, inspection IoT device transmission
    • Web server, POS, ATM, blocking IoT device forgery
  • Nonstop working is available with Stealth mode
    • No Process
    • No Icon
    • No Folder
    • No Registry
  • Nonstop working is available as the inspection execution is unnecessary
    • Real-time malicious act blocking algorithm
    • COA(Cut On Active) method


Main functions

  • Blocks data leakage and zombie PC
    • Real-time blocking of malicious act and data that is executed without user’s knowing
    • Real-time blocking of system failure (MBR deletion) / ARP spoofing / pharming(host file tampering) attack, and unknown network disruption
    • Prevents zombie PC: Prevents working PC from being used by Ddos or server attacks
  • Block ransom ware attacks
    • Blocks document cryptographic attacks (after leakage)

Additional functions

  • Accident tracking
    Management of transmission records of data by internal users (regardless of transmission method)
  • Medium control
    • Controls medium with three modes of the external storage device: ① normal use, ② only reading is available, ③ both reading and writing are unavailable (for each user or department)
    • Blocks the use of external communication port and built-in camera/microphone
    • Availability of an automatic dissolve function when setting up a shared folder
  • Mail messenger security
    • Specific messenger blocking function based on a mail messenger blacklist
    • Setting function to block specific mail size and file attachment
  • Output security
    • Blocking setting function of printing for each user or department
    • Record printing detail with document name and number of page
    • Watermark ① user information (department, name, IP address, etc.), ② insertion function of specific character or image + image combination (Able to control font, size, position, slope, transparency)
  • Internet security
    • Specific internet blocking function based on site blacklist
    • Internet access logging record
  • Block password spill
    • Block hacking act of log in password
  • Security for whitelist
    • Security for POS device, ATM device, industrial control device, IoT device, etc.

Comparison of Technology

  • Troy CutUser input based
    Other productsAct based / Situation recognition based
  • Criteria
    Presence of user input
    Whether it is matched with set scenario or situation
  • Description
    Judge whether an action executed within computer is directly executed by user
    Judge whether action executed within computer belongs to category set by company
  • Differentiation
    “User input” is an invariant condition
    - It is impossible for hacker to bypass
    “Category set by company” is just thought of company
    -There is no guarantee that hacker will do as it is
  • Value
    “Fundamental blocking technology” based on operation principle of computer
    “Non-fundamental blocking technology” that need to be updated continuously to defend


  • BreachWall Server version
    • BreachWallKRW 1,500,000
    • Ransom FreeKRW 600,000
    • Control serverKRW 10,000,000
  • BreachWall PC version
    • BreachWallKRW 150,000
    • Ransom FreeKRW 60,000
    • Control serverKRW 1,000,000


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