International Call


Service that sends text message from mobile phone in Korea to mobile phone in overseas

Service Characteristic

  • Able to send message from Korea to any country in the world regardless of the time difference
  • All members in mobile communication (KT, LGU+, SK, MVNO) can use
  • Immediate and convenient use without subscription
  • Can send text in Korean/ English/number/special letters

※ Korean can be exchanged ONLY when the recipient’s mobile phone supports Korean, EXCEPT for mobiles in Japan/China/USA/Canada. ※ Note that some text messages may not be sent if special symbols other than parentheses, punctuation mark and number symbols are included in the message

How to Use

Send international SMS with Mobile Phone

  • Step. 01
    Write Text Message
  • Step. 02
    008 or 00365
  • Step. 03
    1 (USA)
  • Step. 04
    Telephone Number (exclude first 0)
  • Step. 05
    Send Text Message


KRW 165/text (include value-added tax) :
Same price for all countries worldwide

Connection Number for Each Country