Value-added Service

Toll-Free Number (080)

Customer oriented service which corporate/store pays the customer’s phone bill

Recommended Customers

  • 01
    Corporates who want to actively respond to customer’s request such as order/ consultation / reservation
  • 02
    Customers who need a reject-number when sending large amount of text
  • 03
    Public organization / customer center / Home shopping / Courier company

Characteristics and Main Function

  • Increases customer satisfaction with free call
  • Maintains 080 number after you change the number and/or move business location
  • Provides various additional functions such as ARS payment, text blocking, call connection for each region/time
  • Able to use the existing 080 number by porting the number between telecommunication carriers

How to Use and price

080 phone required corded / 070 / wireless phone that can receive a real call with a virtual numberAble to use +82-80-880-XXXX ~ +82-80-889-XXXX band.

(Including VAT)

Division Local/long-distance 1 band Long-distance 2 bands Mobile communication Internet Call
Call Charge KRW 49.5/3 min. KRW 15.18/10 sec. KRW 17.193 KRW 71.5/3 min.
Basic Charge KRW 4,400 X Receipt circuit (Basic type) KRW 11,000 X Receipt circuit (Premium type)

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