Neutral IX in Korea

SEJONG Telecom attracts attention of the global market beyond Korea.

SEJONG Telecom’s Neutral IX network is consisted of nationwide System operators in Korea and global contents providers. If you become to be our member, you could easily manage a peering information, stable service, traffic and cost saving through the root servers interworking between our Neutral IX members


  • 01
    Global contents provider (CP)
  • 02
    Domestic/overseas enterprise need to transmit large amounts of traffic

Service Characteristics

  • ExpansionNationwide optical cable & internet backbone network infrastructures
  • ConvenienceEasy connection & Management through root servers interworking
  • StabilityStable service through provision of binary/primary ports and physical infrastructure
  • EfficiencyReducing domestic/overseas data transit traffic & bandwidth costs

SEJONG Telecom’s Neutral IX Network

  • Cost saving
    • In Korea, SOs are one of important broadband internet providers
    • The cumulative market share is 15% pursuing the third place, LG U+ with its market share 18%
    • SEJONG Telecom’s Neutral IX will save the SO traffic cost(up to 15%) and circuit cost for link
  • Simple & easy way of peering
    • SEJONG Telecom Neutral IX Member is consisted most of nationwide SO and major contents providers
    • Becoming a member of SEJONG Telecom Neutral IX is simple and easy way to link with various other members without further consultation

Service contents

  • Nationwide optical cable & internet backbone network (12,800km)
  • Direct connect & peering between SEJONG Neutral IX network’s members
  • Easy connection & Management
  • Caching the P2P Traffic in international ISP Network
  • Stable data transit & Improvement of quality for end-user’s experience
  • Connecting High-Speed network Between Major Data Centers (up to 100Gbps)

How to link to the services

BGP Interlocking

  • Direct peering between
    SEJONG’s Neutral IX Members
    Since our customers is linked to the same L2 layer, you don’t need to go to the route server. We only provides a physical infrastructure.
  • Direct peering between Customer
    and SEJONG’s BGP route servers
    Depends on the routing policy, our BGP Route server and your L2 layer can be directly connected
  • Peering with SEJONG’s BGP route servers
    With only one connection with our BGP route server placed in Yeoksam data center, you can exchange traffic with the most of Korean nationwide system operators and contents providers. Do not need to contact to them individually.

Additional service

  • NMS
    • Providing the usages of traffic between our Neutral IX members by collecting data flow of portal sites
  • International traffic exchange
    • International traffic exchange and peering with international Neutral IX Operators
  • DDoS protection
    • Blocking DDoS between our Neutral IX members via blackhole system in dedicated network

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